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"Jingxi top luxury house" Zichen court won the annual sales crown, attracting academic double gold.

source:/  |  Release time:2018年07月20日
With the increasing heat of the Beijing mansion market, the Beijing purple Chen courtyard, designed by WSP, not only ranked the top of the luxury house in Beijing for several months, but also won the 2015 national residential classic planning and design scheme Competition Architecture and environment double gold medal, which was issued by the Chinese architecture society. The project is the only high-end sale in the Fourth Ring Road. It is also the only high-end community with single family villas in the West Fourth Ring Road. It has unique ecological resources and cultural details, including single family villas, courtyard houses, flat houses and high-end businesses. After the design concept, classical spirit is the essence, integrated into the modern design trend of thought, with a simple and exquisite way to perfect the capital taste and modern urban classics.